If you run a business in this day and age and do not have an online presence, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business.

Consumers today spend a significant amount of time online, on social media and several online shopping platforms and are bombarded with a variety of products and service choices. Therefore, not having a digital presence significantly decreases your chances of reaching out to your customers. Moreover, customers today expect businesses to be online. There are a lot of different reasons which we will discuss in detail later in this article, but the most important reason is having a digital presence signifies your business is moving ahead with time and is here to stay. It has a major impact on your brand. In this article, we’ll explore how businesses can benefit by implementing digital marketing strategies. But before diving deeper into the subject, let’s first cover some basics like what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing

Advertising that makes use of digital platforms and other Technology Tools is referred to as “digital marketing.” The term “digital marketing” refers to the practice of distributing promotional content using online channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile applications. It is a method for educating meaningful relationships with new as well as existing customers of the company.

Why you should do Digital Marketing – best 5 reasons

High Engagement

Traditional marketing is a strategy that can still be successful in getting your message out to target audiences. But if you need to attract customers, then nothing is better than digital marketing. “According to a Bright Roll survey, 72 % of ad agencies believe advertisements on online platforms are more effective than TV ads” (Gesenhues). Thus, Companies and businesses have started to give more importance on online platforms rather than TV ads.

Nowadays, the use of moving images, video content, animations are easily available in the world of digital marketing and many companies have already utilized these techniques for advertisement. Therefore, due to these reasons, customers or clients are highly engaged.

Saves Money

When you switch from traditional to digital marketing, you may save the amount of time as well as the money which you spend advertising your company and promoting your product on a high budget. Traditional marketing utilizes more old techniques which cost high.

Reduces Time

Digital marketing uses to review and analyze to understand what’s good for business growth. Due to digital marketing’s analytics, you really shouldn’t overspend on resources and strategies that aren’t working. However, it saves time and makes you more focused on choosing profit and consumer activities.

Building brand recognition and customer loyalty

Every company that engages in digital marketing has visibility as its primary objective. Your chances of becoming known and accessible to your target audience grow when you are visible. Customers seek you out when you are visible, come to you, and eventually buy something from you, which results in a sale.

Once your brand is recognized by your target audience, you can begin to develop social engagement. The secret to making sure that your customers remain loyal to your product is social connection. You may build a strong reputation for your company by managing your client relationships well.

Access to multi-channel

One of the most important benefits of entering the digital marketing industry is the ability to display your brand and company across multiple media. When you advertise your goods online, a single piece of promotional content spreads through various platforms. By doing this, you can instantly reach a more different and wider target market.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Techniques that can help your business grow

You may have seen long lists of digital marketing strategies. However, to gain an advantage over your competition, you must discover the strategies that will assist you in developing a strong online presence. Staying connected and interacting with your target audience is essential when advertising your products or services on the internet. If you stay up to date on the latest trends, you will have a higher chance of seeing the actual results of your marketing strategy.

Some of the most effective and widely used strategies for digital marketing are as listed below:

1. Content needs to be special and meaningful

Small businesses that are still in the process of growing need to realize that they need to differentiate themselves from their industry rivals. One of the most important and effective strategies is to provide content that is relevant, one of a kind and easily shareable. CLICK HERE  if you are a beginner and explore more about content writing.

Low-quality content can severely impact your brand reputation. To be at top position the Contents needs to be powerful enough to establish a connection with both the target audience and the target market. The quality type of content should be focused more rather than quantity type because the presence of users is linked directly to the quality of the content.

2. Mobile Optimization

Mobile marketing is a new technique that allows a company to reach out to customers in a more direct way through multi-marketing. It can help small businesses increase sales and learn more about their customers. It can be done through text messages, emails, social media, and promotions. Thus, it is all about engaging with clients, getting their feedback, giving them extra services, interacting with them, and keeping them up to date on new products and services.

3. SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term for all of the different strategies that may be implemented to increase your website’s position in search results. Are you confused? No worries, more than reading you could be more helpful by watching videos about SEO.

“Search engines” are responsible for directing the majority of the traffic that occurs on the internet. All of you have likely used Google before as a search engine. Your website also needs to be optimized for search engines, which goes without saying, and when someone types in the keywords, it needs to be at the top of the list of results that come up.

The optimization of the website and the blog content for SEO help to attract quality users, which plays a major part in raising visibility, building the list, and improving bottom-line results.

4. SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is advanced compared to other types of marketing. It is a type of mobile marketing that uses text messages or short message services as a direct form of advertising.

“According to an ADWEEK article, 96% of smartphone users use text messages and 98% of text messages are read compared to 29% of tweets and 12% of Facebook posts.” (Abimbola)

SMS marketing is an effective way to promote your business or let your registered customers know about special deals or new offers.

5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM, is an efficient method to increase the number of visitors to your website. This is an essential tool for promoting business expansion through digital marketing.

On the market, you may choose from several different SEM products. The most widely used service is Google AdWords, which is part of Google’s Search Engine Marketing suite. After being listed in the search results, the search engine will normally charge you a fee based on the number of times users click through to visit your website. The term for this type of model is the “Pay per click” (PPC) system. SEM is a powerful technique for increasing the number of visitors to your website.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a common method for making a way to make money online by selling and advertising. This is the last form of advertising and interaction because you only pay for what you do. Basically, this system gets people to visit third-party webpages and sends them to the sites of the merchants or businesses that make the goods and services.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing produces more leads than other advertising networks. With email marketing, you can send friendly messages informing the audience of your great deals, the content you make, product updates, great customer service, and more. So, you’ll be able to keep talking to them and keeping them informed.

When it comes to marketing by email, it provides a large number of advantages. Because of this, more and more companies from different sectors including manufacturing operations, retail establishments, and technology organizations, use email marketing. Hence, Email marketing is one of the quickest ways to get in touch with both new and existing customers.

8. Video Advertising

Video marketing is known as the process of creating video material about a product or service. Nowadays, Watching a video on YouTube has become a part of the morning routine. People watch their favorite videos while drinking their morning coffee or use their lunch break to catch up on the latest news while scrolling through their Facebook feed.

“According to Julija, 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. And most people watch YouTube during prime time, between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.” (A.)

9. Local Search Advertising

Local search marketing is another overlooked digital marketing strategy that many people aren’t even aware of. When a local user searches for comparable goods or services, your company will appear at the top of the Google search results page. The rankings are determined by both the social media reputation of your brand and the online reviews.

In Addition, Google Maps can pin and list companies that are relevant to the user’s search and boost the traffic to your website. Also, they can visit your website through search engines.

10. Social Media Marketing

Today, social media is without a doubt the most popular digital marketing channel. Social media boasts a filtered audience that you can tap due to its massive audience. This is one such platform where you can meet people of all ages and interests. As a result, your brand receives more exposure and better response.

It also encourages positive customer engagement, which persuades other customers to favor the brand. Creating a social media page for your company can work wonders. People like to use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. to promote their business to their targeted audience.

Digital Marketing in Nepal – Growth in Business

Digital media has grown in popularity in Nepal. And we have a variety of digital marketing options. Nepal has all the necessary infrastructure to scale up and combine multiple platforms used in online advertising. In Nepal, digital marketing is continually changing, and many businesses are already utilizing their ability to promote their brands, goods, and services via various online media channels. According to the 2018 digital Nepal framework report, mobile and internet use in Nepal is growing widely.

The Internet provides companies with limitless opportunities to listen to, respond to, and easily respond to the needs of their clients and customers through digital connectivity to all devices.


Things to Know about Digital Marketing in Nepal

  • The top three content marketing strategies are social media (64%), blogging (65%), and case studies (64%).
  • 81% of social media content is viewed on a mobile device.
  • Since 2016, the average budget for digital marketing has increased by 50%.
  • 94% of all website traffic comes from search engines.
  • 60% of people use Instagram between the ages of 18-29. (“Digital Marketing in Nepal with some interesting facts”

How does Online Marketing help to grow the business?

a) Wider Expansion Of Business

Small businesses can now expand. With social media and email marketing, you can sell things worldwide. You can make money in another country without a store or office. Creating social media and email marketing is quick. Compared to traditional marketing, you save money and time. Using traditional marketing to expand your business is difficult and time-consuming. By using digital marketing, one can simply expand their firm to other places and locations. Digital marketing campaigns are easy to put up, adaptable, and easy to target.

b) Enhance your brand recognition

Your website and social media helps your customers learn more about your business and the products/services you offer. These are the most effective techniques to promote your business, small or large.

Social Media channels have a large active user base. For example Facebook has a daily user base of 1.96 billion. Promoting your business on social media channels helps you reach a wider audience. With the right strategy you can turn these viewers into loyal customers. Digital platforms also allow your customers to leave reviews, share their feedback enhancing your brand credibility.

c) Cost-effective

Small and medium-sized enterprises have limited marketing budgets. TV, billboard, and print commercials are costly. All companies lack marketing funds. Digital ads play a big role in this because they don’t require a lot of money and can reach a bigger audience for less. Online Media Marketing solutions better and cost-effectively communicate with a wide number of target customers.

d) Strategy flexibility

When companies and marketers used old marketing methods, like print ads, they had to wait until the advertising was over to see results. With analytics tools, you can see how many people have been to your site, where they came from, what they searched for, and how many are studying your blogs. You can also see where your site ranks on search engines. You can keep going with the campaign if you are successful. If not, you can start a new one or change the one you already have.

e) Multiple device access

More than half of the people who might become your customers use their mobile phones to view content and explore your company’s websites. Then there are laptops, desktop computers, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Therefore, visitors of any of these devices can visit your website and any social media accounts that you have. Because of this significantly improved visibility, you now have a greater number of opportunities to sell the market your goods or services.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Digital marketing, which includes social media, PPC, web design, and content development, has proved successful for businesses looking for a global presence and Google position.

They create a design, analyze advertisement performance and develop tactics for satisfactory presentation, and backlinks. Also, they target audiences through social media like Facebook, insta, Twitter, etc., and boost the post or website.

If you don’t do digital marketing, then selling flow doesn’t raise. Customers who buy online will be more cautious. It’s also possible that your rivals will perform better than you. Therefore, there will be a high chance of getting lost in business.

One of today’s most successful digital marketing strategies is email marketing. Emails have been used for a long time to expand businesses and boost revenue. To optimize the effects, you might combine it with other marketing strategies. An impressive return on investment can be obtained from email marketing.

Utilizing media like posters, TVs, radios, newspapers, etc. is common in traditional marketing. Although tracking spending vs. Performance for traditional marketing is frequently very difficult, it can still be incredibly effective. Additionally, as digital has grown to take over more and more of our lives, most people are spending less time on traditional networks. As previously mentioned, digital marketing is frequently a more efficient approach to analyzing spending, generating favorable ROIs, and reaching target audiences.

The answer is almost probably yes if your users and buyers use digital devices or engage time on the internet. Businesses engaged in B2-B and B2C transactions can profit from digital marketing if done well. More than ever before, the market is currently controlled by digital platforms.

The process of improving the visibility of a website and its contents on search results pages through the application of various methods and approaches, both online and offline. It can potentially improve both the quality and quantity of the traffic you receive.

As in the case with all business and marketing strategies, there is always some risk involved. The extent of that risk is directly proportional to the quantity of research you conduct, the channels you make use of, and whether or not you have a good plan.

However, this depends upon whether or not you are using the appropriate channels that are particular to your company and whether or not your targeting is accurate. It is not as necessary to have a high number of leads as it is to have excellent leads. We place a higher priority on the product’s quality than its quantity.

Typically, costs include those associated with the advertising agency, any in-house team members or resources and paid media charges. This varies substantially from one channel to another as well as between different types of ads. Instead of being an expense, marketing that is executed well should be viewed as an investment into new customers and the expansion of your company.

We offer search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, paid social media, email marketing, and content marketing.

Yes, it saves our money and time. The internet offers several fresh opportunities for both consumers and companies, and it has the potential to be a great resource for price. Digital marketing helps you promote your brand, reach a far larger audience, and make it simpler to interact with existing or future clients.

Local internet marketing is the initial step in using digital marketing to build your brand. 70% of online shoppers use their mobile devices to look for local goods and services. People are searching online for firms that can offer them those services and goods. And to locate the businesses, they are using Google.

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